Information Kiosks

Information Kiosks
Uses to which Information Kiosks could be put:
* Office building: Guide of companies/ buildings
* Businesses: Company's public relations, brief introduction, guide of products/ department
* Bookstores: Guide of books/ facilities/the popular author/ the bestseller of the week.
* Department stores: Product introduction, guide of each floor/sales/culture centre.
* Hotels: Guide of each floor/ special events/special menu/ transportation.
* Sports center: Guide of facilities/ training course/ club membership.
* Airport: Guide of terminals as an entertainment facility for the passengers waiting to board
* Subway station: Guide of transfering, advertising, etc.


Features of our Information Kiosks:
* Machine Case: The high quality Steeled body. With Auto metal epoxy and anti-static.
* Colour: Blue/Green/Orange/Silver ect (Optional).
* Controlling Panel: Power supply input/ Switch. Internet input.
* Power Supply: AC110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz; 60watts.
* Speaker: 2*5W. Dual Audio. Circle Stereo.

* Interface: RJ45/RJ11.
* Operating environment: Operating Temp: 0-45 Degree
* Relative Humidity: 30%-90%
* Value-added Features: It can be installed the PC/Card reader/Code Scanner/Mice/Mirco Printer/Miriam Fingerprint attendance. (Optional)
* LCD screen size: Customer required. ( 15'/17'/19')
* Language: Chinese/English/French. (Optional)
* Dimension Specification: 1, 400cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 40cm (D)





* Quality Steel Enclosure

*17" TFT LCD, Brightness: 270CD/m2, Contrast: 500: 1
17" Surface Acoustic Wave( SAW), 4096*4096 Resolution

* Intel® Celeron D 2.8G Processor
* DDR 1G( upgradeable as option)
* GIGABYTE 945G Motherboard
* Intel® 945GC Express Chipset
* Intel® Graphic Media Accelerator 950
* HD 320G 7200RPM, 8M Cache
* Power Supply, 110/240v (UL Certified)

I/o Ports
* 1 RS232 COM PORT
* 1 Parallel COM PORT
* 4 USB 2.0 COM PORT
* 3 X Audio( Input/Output/Mic)
* RJ-45 interface, 10/100M

PC Camera
* USB 2.0 High Quality PC Camera ( option)

* Intergrated Amplified HI-FI Speakers

Operating System: Windows XP (option)
Device Driver: All device drivers pre-installed

Hardware Upgrade Options
* EDIMAX EW-7128g 802.11b/g 54M, with Extended Cable
* Computer can be upgrade to Customer's specification
* 19" LCD and other touchscreen option
* Other hardware add-ons upon request

Peripheral Options
Thermal Printer
* Epson T532 80 mm Thermal printer w/ auto cutting

Barcode Scanner
* Metrologic MS3480

Metal KeyBoard
* 66key Stainless Steel Keyboard, with High Quality Trackball
Card Reader
* KDE KT-2250 Swipe Card Reader.

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