Quick Service Kiosks

Quick Service Kiosks

>> Imaging coping with a long queue of customers waiting to pay at Supermarket?

>>Imaging a rowdy Banking Hall with so much pressure on Customer Service personnel?

>> Imaging customer queue at Fast Food Outlet? Customers can actually do a self-service using kiosk. With a dedicated staff at the back-office / kitchen who takes Kiosk Orders, such customers are served in no time, with resultant customer satisfaction!


The NCR SelfServ Order and Pay is a kiosk solution that revolutionizes traditional ordering and payment transactions. From the deli department to the floral department, customers complete transactions quickly, simply and with no staff assistance. Customer satisfaction is increased, and your staff can focus on your customers instead of processing payments.


Innovative customer service and maximized efficiency
NCR SelfServ Order and Pay provides your customers with better service while you get more for your labor dollar. Your staff can focus on the sales floor, while the self-serv solution processes your customers’ transactions quickly and accurately.


Flexible and easy to use
NCR SelfServ Order and Pay makes ordering and paying user-friendly for your customers. The solution supports multiple tenders – cash, check, credit cards and debit cards – and ties directly into your point of sale. Beyond its intuitive design, NCR SelfServ Order and Pay allows your customers to complete transactions in the language of their choice. This customer-focused solution enhances the customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Reliable and easy to service
In addition to safeguarding your technology investment, the hardware passes comprehensive environmental and compatibility tests that increase reliability and availability.

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