 Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Drive Interface
 High speed Gigabit Ethernet
 Intel AMT 4.0 Remote Management
 Proven Capacitive Touch Technology
 High Brightness 15/17” LCD
 Stereo Speakers
 Motion Detection Sensor
 0 – 90 Degree Display Tilt
 2x20 VFD Customer Display
 Dual Cash Drawer Support
– Single Connector for Backwards Compatibility
– Connected through a cash drawer Kickout connector on the I/O Board or
through the cash drawer Kickout connector on the transaction printer.
– The terminal can be configured with 0, 1, or 2 cash drawers. The first drawer is
attached to the terminal through a cable with an RJ45 connector. A second
drawer can be connected using a ‘Y’ cable.

Note: A single Open/Close status signal is shared with both drawers.
Therefore, it is not possible to determine which cash drawer is open.

 Four Powered Serial Ports (I/O Board)
 Powered Serial Port to Support an Integrated Customer Display (Backplane
 Two 12V USB+Power Ports (I/O Board)
 One 24V USB+Power port (I/O Board)
 Six Type A USB Connectors (4 on I/O Board, 1 on Backplane, 1 in Display Head)
 MIC Input (I/O Board)
 Audio Out (I/O Board)
 VGA Connector (Backplane Board)
 Combination Power/Audio Line Out Port to Support Customer Displays
 Speed Controlled CPU Fan
 Integrated Signage System

 Modules Plug into a Backplane Board
– Front Accessibility
– Eliminates Most Internal Cables
– Simplifies Upgrades
– Faster On‐Site Service
– Efficient Depot and Self‐Service Options

 Removable Display Head

 Power Supply
– 265W Output Power
– Custom ATX12V Power Supply
– 80+ Certified
– Modular and Serviceable w/o Disconnection of any Cables
– Supports NCR Printers Running in 75W Mode


 Mobile Intel® GM 45 Express Chipset

 Intel® Processors
– Intel® Core2 Duo T8400
– Intel® Dual Core T1600
– Intel® Celeron® 900

 Two SODIMM Sockets Supporting 667 – 800 MHz DDR2 Memory Modules
– 512MB – 4GB
– Dual Channel Support

 Intel Cantiga - GM Chipset
– Intel Cantiga - GM Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)
– Intel ICH9M I/O Controller Hub
 IO connections are through a backplane board except for devices plugging
directly into motherboard. Another IO Connector row is located on a separate I/O

 Video – Intel integrated graphics subsystem (Gen 5.0 Core, 457MHz) with dual
display support
– LVDS LCD supporting dual channel 24 bit panels including DDC signals and
backlight control
– VGA (analog) including DDC
 Audio – Intel High Definition Audio and HD Codec driving/receiving these
interfaces from the backplane (Jack detect support on all ports)
– Speaker out L/R with 3W/channel amplifier on motherboard.
– Headphone out (port can be re-tasked using HD audio)
– MIC in (port can be re-tasked using HD audio)
– Additional audio out port (for future use)
 LPC Bus
– LPC driven onto backplane to interface SuperIO or other LPC devices
elsewhere in the system
– Support for High Speed USB devices, support for USB port disable
– All 12 USB ports are driven into the backplane
– A single over-current signal is received from the backplane.
 PCI Express
– The motherboard drives two PCI Express x1 interfaces into the backplane
– Three SATA ports driven onto backplane
– Support for two hard disk drives and one optical disk drive
– Intel Matrix Storage Manager (includes RAID) supported on all ports
– Full support for Intel AMT 4.0 including out of band functions
– Intel 82567 Platform LAN connect with 10/100/1000 Ethernet support LAN
 BIOS Hardware Support
– BIOS resident in the 32MB SPI Flash device
– Support for ACPI, SMBIOS
 Security
– TPM 1.2 module integrated into ICH9M in chipset

 Tool-Free Front Accessible Components
– Motherboard on a Removable Sled
– One or Two SATA Hard Drives
– DVD ROM Drive
– Power Button
 Nine Visible LEDs
– Lighted Logo to Indicate Power On / Suspend Mode
– LAN Link Activity
– Hard Drive Activity
– Six Diagnostic LEDs
Storage Media
 Hard Drive Options
– Single 3.5” Hard Drive
– Dual 2.5” Hard Drives (On‐board RAID)
 Slim‐line DVD‐ROM Drive
 Solid State Drive – SATA interface

Operating Systems:
 Windows XP Professional
 POSReady

The MSR interface supports a maximum of 3 tracks of magnetic stripe information to
support ISO format cards. The MSR is by default a USB HID MSR but can be
reprogrammed to appear as a USB HID Keyboard device with MagTek emulation.

Rear Signage:
Customer provided signage information (7.25” x 5.5”) can be displayed on the back of
the 7403. Plastic covers are required to hold the sign in place. The Signage Kit
(7403-K455) contains 5 plastic inserts for this puppose.

Port Security:
The NCR RealPOS 70XRT provides communication port security by protecting all
connections via a key lock or a cover requiring tools to open. This keeps the terminal
safe from users that might try to remove data or inject a virus via a USB port or other

Some customers may prefer to keep a key attached to the terminal for service
purposes. The NCR RealPOS 70XRT provides a means to hide the key inside the
terminal display head. To access this you must remove the Top Access Cover on the
back of the display (2 captive screws). Insert the key into the molded key slot. Be sure
the key is secure before closing the rear access door.

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