Transaction Kiosks

Transaction Kiosks
Why Automate Bill Payments?

– Self service enables you to ensure fast service even during the busiest periods
– Customer queues are reduced by off-loading payment to a kiosk
– Your customer can pay a bill in about 90 seconds without assistance
– Hours of coverage can be extended to better accommodate customers
– Self service provides for better service, not less service
– Service delivery is consistent
– Customers have a preference for companies who offer self-service
– Potential for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
– Enables associates to focus on revenue generating activities
– Allows companies to differentiate from competition and promote customer loyalty
– Audit and reconciliation time is reduce due to accurate posting


Benefits of NCR Bill Payments:


Customer Satisfaction
– Fast, easy, convenient for customers
– Average transaction time 1.5-2.5 minutes versus typical 5-15 minute wait for assisted service
– Can make payments in the language of choice
– Customers avoid late fee or disruption in service
– Customer has a validated receipt of payment
– Operational Efficiency
– Redeploy `associates to focus on revenue generating activities
– Payment posting is near real time
– Reduced auditing and reconciliation costs
– Kiosks can process from 1,200 – 3,000 payment per month

Increase Revenue
– 3-5% uplift in sale due to increased foot traffic and redeployment of associates
– Potential for up-sell opportunities
Example: Upgrade product or service
– Cross sell opportunities
• Example: – Purchase a high margin accessory product

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